Do you store trauma in your body? (and is it affecting you?)

First, take the Subconscious Blockages Questionnaire:

Next, analyze your results

If you answered…

YES to >10, you most likely store trauma in your body and are in urgent need of processing more deeply

YES to 7-10, you might store some trauma in your body still and could use some more processing time

YES to <7, you have processed your trauma well but might still benefit from further processing

So, what next?

Trauma Release Meditation (TRM) is a technique you can use to release trauma stored in your body. I developed it after years of dealing with my own trauma, which you can read more about on my blog.

Although most of us store at least some trauma in our bodies, some of us struggle more than others.

As a person who experiences most of the items on the quiz on a regular basis, I have worked diligently to process the trauma stored in my body and the results have been incredible. My clients too, find it relaxing, supportive, and life-altering (read client reviews here).

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Usually, some of the traumas are ready to be released. Once you let go of a few, things just flow better.

Meditation is a powerful way to do that.

Specifically, here are a few things you can do:

Option 1: Guided Trauma Release Meditation (TRM) on YouTube

Option 2: My Basic TRM course ($5 donation for full access)

Option 3: A one-on-one virtual TRM session (price varies, but I commit to keep healing affordable).

TRM is based in Reiki, mindfulness meditation, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and yin yoga, along with a lifetime of trauma experiences and healing to back it up. My PhD work in mental health rhetoric often comes out to play, too.

If you have questions about TRM and what it can do for you, you can always contact me!

Your intention powers the process.

Trauma Release Meditation (TRM) lets you release trauma stored in your body to take your trauma healing to the next level.


Are you a medical doctor and do you give medical advice?

Absolutely not. I share my own experiences and sometimes the experience of my clients. I do not diagnose any illnesses and any recommendations I make are purely based in my own work as a practitioner and a person with trauma. Please seek competent medical advice as needed.

Will I benefit right away?

Most do! Personally, I receive both immediate and longterm benefits from TRM, as do most of my clients. Sometimes it can take a little time to settle in, but the process is rewarding and includes lots of self-discovery.

Why is this course so cheap?

I do everything in my power to keep healing affordable. I know first hand the difficulty of affording basic necessities when living with trauma. You choose what to donate based on what you can give. I will never ask you for more or upsell you once you get inside. The most I’ll do is tell you about other relevant products. That’s my guarantee. The generous donations of people just like you make this possible, so thank you ❤

What can I do with this course when I’m done?

This course supports you in furthering your TRM practice, either with guided meditation recordings or your practitioner. Check out my Advanced and Practitioner courses for using TRM in even more powerful ways!

Can I make money by selling this course for you?

Yes! Reach out via my website and we’ll talk about making you an affiliate. Affiliates receive a percentage from every course they sell.

Trauma Release Meditation Basic Course

Invest 2 hours and $5 into learning the fundamentals of the Trauma Release Meditation (TRM). The lifelong benefits are priceless.

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