Poem: On The Day I Knew

On the day I knew I was mad But still loved you Was the day I knew I was me Not my mom Not my dad Not my grandma or my teacher or my best friend or you or anyone else On that day I knew everything would be okay

New Year, New YouTube…

I am SO THRILLED about my new direction for the new year! 2022 is a year of harmony and wealth, and I am feeling it. Let’s make it a great year to Ascend together ❤ New ventures coming on YouTube, you will want to subscribe for this!

In The Median

In the median of a two-lane highway and a two-lane riverDeath pauses for breath.Where were you before this?Did you sit on a cloud, playing a harp?Maybe you sat a harp playing a cloud.I, for one, was as busy thenAs you are now. In the eternal pause U-turns are requiredand the walls are paper thin.  We skim overContinue reading “In The Median”

3 Life-Changing Quotes for 2021

Over the last few years I’ve read dozens upon dozens of spiritual books. In my opinion, here’s the cream of the crop: Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle Energy Medicine, Donna Edens The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz You Are The Placebo, Joe Dispenza If you’re looking for practical-yet-paradigm-shiftingContinue reading “3 Life-Changing Quotes for 2021”

Is Reiki Christian?

Any one of us can learn to do Reiki. We are all made up of energy that ebbs and flows between and around us at all times. To me, Reiki comes from the Source of healing and strength. It is literally the energy that powers our own bodies, the Life Force lives in the EarthContinue reading “Is Reiki Christian?”