Poem: On The Day I Knew

On the day I knew I was mad But still loved you Was the day I knew I was me Not my mom Not my dad Not my grandma or my teacher or my best friend or you or anyone else On that day I knew everything would be okay

In The Median

In the median of a two-lane highway and a two-lane riverDeath pauses for breath.Where were you before this?Did you sit on a cloud, playing a harp?Maybe you sat a harp playing a cloud.I, for one, was as busy thenAs you are now. In the eternal pause U-turns are requiredand the walls are paper thin.  We skim overContinue reading “In The Median”

Are you a character in your life? Or the author?

A pen-pal recently wrote me that she spent five years of her life “living as a character, not as an author,” which side-tracked her life dream of becoming a writer. Ouch. That hits right in the solar plexus! I do that constantly. We’re all guilty of it, but do we realize we’re giving our powerContinue reading “Are you a character in your life? Or the author?”