Sarah Beach, PhD, is a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Meditation Coach

Direct your own healing

Donations-Only Pricing

I commit to affordable healing. The more you donate, the more affordable my programs are for all. I will never raise my suggested donation, up-sell another product, or ask for more than I give. Just quality healing at affordable prices, because there is plenty to go around.

Trauma Release Mediation (TRM) Basic Course

This introductory course provides the fundamentals of Trauma Release Meditation (TRM) for greater efficiency when practicing guided meditations and working with a practitioner. It also will teach you to do TRM on your own so you can be your own practitioner on a daily basis. The Basic course is designed to let you dip your toes in the shallow end before diving even more deeply into TRM, if you choose! The lessons are kept to digestible lengths for optimal learning.

Trauma Release Meditation (TRM) Advanced Course

Note: The Basic Course is not a prerequisite, although it contains bonus content.

TRM has myriad benefits, including increased focus, heightened neuroplasticity, and greater emotional regulation. More importantly, it helps you deeply process stored traumas hidden in your physical body. It’s the next best step on your trauma healing journey.

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