Why you need a meditation coach (+ free guided meditation)

Why do you need a meditation coach? After all, YouTube is filled with free meditations.

Well, if you’re like most of us, focusing can be hard. It took me years to learn to get quickly into a meditative state. I logged countless hours on YouTube and dozens of smartphone apps before I could meditate on my own.

That’s where a guide comes in.

1) Meditation can be tricky without a partner

There are lots of reasons why meditation is sometimes hard. Your phone goes off, your house is noisy, you sit down to meditate and end up scrolling for social media for 2 hours instead…I’ve been there. I know.

Having a pre-arranged time to meditate with an accountability partner can make the difference between meditating and not meditating. And meditating makes all the difference.

2) Meditation promotes physical healing (not just mental and emotional)

There are dozens of mental and emotional benefits to meditation, but did you know it affects you physically, as well? This article by the NIH provides an in-depth look at the physical benefits of meditation, including a variety of health conditions like insomnia, digestive disorders, smoking cessation, and more. With a meditation coach, you can focus on your specific physical needs.

3) It’s like therapy, but more immersive

I’m all for therapy. But when your therapist can’t be there, you can gain some immediate relief by dropping into a meditative state any time, anywhere.

Personally, I receive insights into my traumas when meditating, almost like being my own therapist. These insights can be reported to a regular therapist later, of course, and your meditation coach can become a supplemental partner to help you work through some of these issues. That’s why hypnotherapy is so beneficial.

4) Recorded meditations are not one-size-fits-all

Often, in the early days of meditation, I would find myself noticing that a pre-recorded meditation gets almost to my situation, but could’ve been more suited to my individual needs. Working one-on-one with a meditation coach provides individualized assistance for your own goals. I combine meditation techniques with energy work in my own practice, including chakra work, self-Reiki, and mindfulness.

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12 Abundant Affirmations for the Holiday Season

This time of year can be trying for many, even though it’s known as a season of giving and joy.

With seasonal depression, hectic schedules, work demands, holiday parties, tight budgets, debt, family drama, and a whole host of other issues all occurring at the same time, it’s no wonder that this can be a difficult time of year!

Focusing on the positive, setting firm boundaries, and taking time for self care is crucial right now, maybe moreso than ever. The Law of Attraction is out in full force, especially with so much energetic movement at this intense time.

Why not take the opportunity to focus on some abundance, while it’s so readily available? Despite the stresses of the holidays, it could be your jumping off point for an extra-abundant year in 2021.

Use these 12 abundant affirmations to keep your vibe high, even at the height of holiday stress.

  1. The energy of joy surrounds and fills me
  2. I am giving and receiving with joy and love
  3. It is fun to give and receive
  4. There is plenty to go around
  5. I lovingly release the old to welcome in the new
  6. The world is filled with warmth and love
  7. I surround myself with loving friends and family
  8. I choose to focus on goodwill
  9. I now allow peace in my life
  10. My body digests well and adapts to everything I eat
  11. I am filled with enough energy to accomplish my goals
  12. I do only that which I choose to do

Healing The Infant Self: Free Meditation

Healing the Infant Self meditations are somewhat rare, but powerful. In fact, healing my little self has made a bigger difference than any other meditation I’ve tried.

It opened my root chakra. It boosted my self-esteem. It cleansed some trauma.

That’s why, when I was asked to contribute a guided meditation for our local chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention I knew exactly the topic I would choose. Listen to that recording below!

Healing The Infant Self Meditation: Relief from Depression, Low-Self Esteem, Anxiety, People-Pleasing

Meditation should be a work of (he)art

Meditation should be a work of (he)art.

I love listening to meditations that have that almost poetic quality to them, so that’s what I bring to every meditation I write.

Of course, relaxation during meditation is useful all by itself. Still, I want each person to receive a little something extra.

That’s why I include just a touch of “poetry” (both literal and figurative) in my work.

In my own work as a practitioner, I combine relaxation with hypnotherapy, self-Reiki, and other techniques that allow the person to not only achieve a deep state of calm but also healing. Specifically, I combine a variety of yoga, Reiki, spiritualist, Buddhist, Law of Attraction, psychological, and other principles in each session.  I always include:

  • a physical component (such as breathwork, a body scan, gentle yoga pose, or similar)
  • a mental component (visualization, imagination, etc.)
  • an emotional component (feeling in the moment, releasing trauma, and the like)
  • a spiritual component (chakra work, Zen teachings, poetry, and others).

These four pillars make up the essence of healing. I used this approach in a fun collaboration with The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in our local chapter this past fall.

Looking forward to healing with you!

Are you a character in your life? Or the author?

A pen-pal recently wrote me that she spent five years of her life “living as a character, not as an author,” which side-tracked her life dream of becoming a writer.

Ouch. That hits right in the solar plexus! I do that constantly.

We’re all guilty of it, but do we realize we’re giving our power away? More importantly, how much do we model our identities on idealized pictures of who we want to be?

In my book I suggested that in order to be centered and whole you need to honor your true self. I’m learning that my true self is hidden behind layers and layers of who I think I should be, influenced by family, friends, media, and yes, definitely fiction.

I love living in a fictional world; my favorite characters and authors are my idols, they’re how I make sense of what goes on around me. And that’s perfectly healthy, in my opinion.

What’s not so healthy, perhaps, is basing my entire self-concept around my ability to match some fictionalized ideal stored up in my head somewhere.

Image from Forbes

You will never, ever, ever be whole until you know and love your true self. At least, the more I’ve focused on honoring myself, the happier (and healthier) I’ve become.

I’m not talking about self-care, self-worth, or even self-esteem. Those things are all well and good, but if you’re doing them for the wrong reasons, you’re still not quite there.

Japanese has a concept called ikigai, which is your soul’s purpose, your reason to jump out of bed in the morning.

Be the author of your own life

About the same time I got that email from the pen-pal, a friend asked me if I’d heard Taylor Swift’s latest album. I hadn’t, so I hopped over to YouTube.

I’ve never been a huge Swiftie, but I’ve followed her off and on since she started out. It turns out I’d missed two albums, not one, and I was amazed at the change — I instantly knew Taylor was finally living her truth.

Of course, she’s made wildly successful music over the course of a stunning career, but I’m not talking about monetary gain here. For the first time, it felt like I was hearing the real Taylor, the Taylor not bogged down by expectations, doubts, fears, or any other baggage so common to the creative process. Her newer music shows circumspection, ingenuity, and maturity. The energy is sparkling, and clearly the result of a creative burst.

All of us are subject to doubts, expectations, baggage, and other obstacles to living our true self, of finding our ikigai. When someone shakes off the blocks and steps into the light, it’s apparent to everyone around them. They wield an internal power too compelling to deny: when we’re the author of our own life, success is inevitable.

My own healing work has brought me closer and closer to my own ikigai, but I’ve still got a long way to go. Patterning my life on my favorite fictional characters is fine until it takes over my own identity; following the dreams of my parents, peers, mentors, or anyone else will never make me happy.

So, thanks to my pen-pal friend, I’m going to stop living as a character in my life and start living as the author.

3 Life-Changing Quotes for 2021

Over the last few years I’ve read dozens upon dozens of spiritual books. In my opinion, here’s the cream of the crop:

  • Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss
  • The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle
  • Energy Medicine, Donna Edens
  • The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz
  • You Are The Placebo, Joe Dispenza

If you’re looking for practical-yet-paradigm-shifting content, look no further!

Reading books such as these allows me to daily prune my sense of self, like a course-correction for my soul. Certainly my use of herbs, oils, meditation, and countless other physical changes helps; and yet, the inner healing informs the outer. The more I release old emotions, stale beliefs, psychic chains, the more my life blossoms into the kind of life I’m happy to call my own.

Dozens of other books have helped me, as well, it’s just that these have made the most profound change. Since 2020 is a time of transition, why not try them for yourself?

As a bonus, here are three of the most inspiring quotes I’ve stumbled across in my reading this year. May they bless you as we move into 2021 💜

The human mind is sick because it has a Parasite that steals its vital energy and robs it of joy. The Parasite is all those beliefs that make you suffer.

Don miguel ruiz , the mastery of love

The soul is the source of the most subtle energies of your being. Yet this subtle energy gives form to everything else about you, from your cells to your sense of self.

donna edens, energy medicine

Beyond the beauty of the external forms, there is more here: something that cannot be named, something ineffable, some deep, inner, holy essence. Whenever and wherever there is beauty, this inner essence shines through somehow.

Eckhart tolle, the power of now

Distance Healing: Reiki at your convenience

Remote Reiki: social distancing at its finest!

Did you know you can change the structure of water with your thoughts?

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous experiments proved that humans can change the molecular structure of water just by thinking about them with intent. You can even try it with anything that contains water, like the apple experiment I did several years ago.

An example of water crystals taken from Dr. Emoto’s experiments

The coolest part is that you can also do it from a distance.

In Emoto’s distance experiments, 2,000+ people in Tokyo sent positive and negative intentions to containers of water in a sealed lab in California.

Pictures of the frozen crystals revealed that the good vibes made the water more ordered, uniform, and actually more beautiful to look at.

The bad vibes disintegrated the crystals.

In my Reiki Level I certification, the instructor poured us each a glass of water. We tasted it. It was basic neutral tap water.

Then, she had us hold onto the cup and think as many negative thoughts into that water as we could for one minute. When the time was up, we tasted it again.

It was nasty. I’ve had some gross tap water in my life, but this was something else. It was definitely NOT the same water from 60 seconds before. It was metallic, almost, with a strange texture in the mouth.

Then, we sent good thoughts to the water and tasted it again.

Suddenly, it was sweet. Like, actually delicious, and lighter somehow. Everyone in the class reported similar results.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. I actually did it, with my own thoughts.

The human body is up to 60% water. What kind of water is in you?

If thinking negative thoughts can disintegrate water crystals halfway across the globe, just imagine what thinking badly about yourself can do to the human body.

Further, the thoughts, prayers, vibes, and whatever else you send to your loved ones matter. You can make a physical difference to others by wishing them well.

Reiki operates under a similar principle. In my in-person sessions, I move your energies with the electromagnetic forces in my hands, but I also send your energy centers powerful intentions of love, light, and peace. It sounds mystical, but it’s the same principle that the experimenters used with the water molecules.

I offer distance sessions because I want my clients to have access to Reiki even if they cannot make it in person. If you are interested in Reiki but want to try it from the comfort of your own home first, why not find a distance practitioner?

In this time of social distancing, turmoil, and uncertainty, distance healing has been an immense source of comfort to me. Looking forward to growing with you ❣

What is Reiki? (and 9 benefits)

In Japanese, Rei (Universal Life)+ki (Energy) means healing using the hands, but not quite like a massage. Massage uses touch; Reiki uses the electromagnetic signature in the body.

During your session, the practitioner holds his or her hands over certain areas of the body and moves energy with his or her hands. Sometimes the practitioner uses light touch, as well.

We are all electromagnetic, and emit certain frequencies (much like beams of light or sound waves). Sometimes energy gets “blocked,” which contributes to illness, stress, and general malaise. Releasing the blockage can result in a variety of health and wellness benefits, listed below:

  1. Can help with anxiety, depression, and other mental illness
  2. Accelerates self-healing
  3. Helps promote relaxation and better sleep
  4. Can be used safely alongside other treatments, including treatments for cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, and others
  5. Supports the immune system
  6. Assists the body’s natural detox process
  7. Non-invasive, and can be safely used with wounds, burns, rashes, or other painful injuries that prevent massage or other touch therapies
  8. Clears the mind for greater focus
  9. Safe for pregnancy, children, babies, and even pets!

Book a distance Reiki session and try it for yourself ❤

Cedar tea: Not just for explorers

Cedar is healing and cleansing; I love cedar tea any time of year!

Every year at Christmas my siblings and parents engage in a “merry war” (as Shakespeare would say). Mom always wants a clean, easy, convenient faux tree. We always insist on hauling in a wild cedar monstrosity.

Where I grew up, cedar trees are basically weeds. They’re unruly, unkempt, unsightly.

I love them.

Every year we drag Mom out in the cold in quest of the ideal cedar tree. Every year we say it’s the last.

Cedar trees are fragrant, vibrant, hardy evergreens that aren’t exactly known for their elegance or style. However, they also happen to be an important healing plant.

When Jacques Cartier explored North America, scurvy ravaged the expedition. When eventually misery overcame pride, Cartier asked the locals for assistance.

What did they bring? Cedar tea.

According to native legend, the Creator made the cedar tree after watching a man who was always good, kind, and giving. Whoever was sick, poor, or alone, that man would take them in, feed them, and befriend them. When the man died, the Creator turned that man into a cedar tree as token of his goodness.

Cedars have been watching over us ever since.

The Native Americans gave Cartier’s men cedar tea to drink. Thanks to its high Vitamin C content and anti-inflammatory properties, they were healed quickly (or, so the story goes).

Personally, I love cedar tea for its earthy, aromatic flavor. It’s easy to make; just put a few needles in a cup and steep.

My mom, despite her resistance to cedar Christmas trees, has come to rely on cedar tea to balance her hormones.

My parents’ farm is full of cedar. I’ve always loved their red bark, dark needles, and sturdy shape.

If you have cedar in your area you can easily harvest it by snipping the needles a few inches from the end. You can use it right away or let it dry; if you plan to store it long-term, dry it in a cool, dry place for 7-10 days or until it’s brittle. It’s not an every day kind of tea — use it every so often or as a pick-me-up if you feel a cold coming on! As you do, give thanks for the friendly cedar tree, always ready to lend a helping hand.

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