A Message From The Heart (Chakra)

Pink and green everything!

I noticed something odd about my Christmas gifts.

They match.

I enjoy pink, certainly, but it’s not, like, my favorite color or anything. No one ever goes out of their way to give me pink stuff. And yet, all my gifts this year were nicely coordinated – pink and green.

I took it as a sign.

To me, the suspicious “coincidence” of pink and green spoke of my heart chakra, which I have been focusing on lately. Incidentally, the heart chakra is at the center of the holiday season.

Pink sweater (pink slippers not shown)

I’ve written before about Reiki and Christianity, which walk through my life hand in hand. Healing is the essence of my faith, and Christmas marks the central event of human history, the one that heals us all.

This Christmas I gave thanks for the unconditional love that connects us all.

Published by Sarah Beach

Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Sarah Beach finds that healing is both a hobby and a passion. When she's not writing books or recording meditations, you will find her reading anything she can get her hands on, taking long walks in nature, or gulping large quantities of herbal tea.

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