Meditation should be a work of (he)art

Meditation should be a work of (he)art.

I love listening to meditations that have that almost poetic quality to them, so that’s what I bring to every meditation I write.

Of course, relaxation during meditation is useful all by itself. Still, I want each person to receive a little something extra.

That’s why I include just a touch of “poetry” (both literal and figurative) in my work.

In my own work as a practitioner, I combine relaxation with hypnotherapy, self-Reiki, and other techniques that allow the person to not only achieve a deep state of calm but also healing. Specifically, I combine a variety of yoga, Reiki, spiritualist, Buddhist, Law of Attraction, psychological, and other principles in each session.  I always include:

  • a physical component (such as breathwork, a body scan, gentle yoga pose, or similar)
  • a mental component (visualization, imagination, etc.)
  • an emotional component (feeling in the moment, releasing trauma, and the like)
  • a spiritual component (chakra work, Zen teachings, poetry, and others).

These four pillars make up the essence of healing. I used this approach in a fun collaboration with The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in our local chapter this past fall.

Looking forward to healing with you!

Published by Sarah Beach

Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Sarah Beach finds that healing is both a hobby and a passion. When she's not writing books or recording meditations, you will find her reading anything she can get her hands on, taking long walks in nature, or gulping large quantities of herbal tea.

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