Word-healing (Or, why meditation can be hard)

Don’t get me wrong. I love guided meditations.

Sometimes, though, I want the benefits of sound therapy without the effort of focusing.

When I started meditating regularly, it was painfully hard to focus. My brain was just not really into it.

Now, after years of patiently wheedling my brain into Zen, I can do it pretty easily. Still, sometimes I just want some “ear candy.”

Sure, it helps to have a guru telling you what to do, but occasionally I just want something nice to listen to.

Ho’oponopono meditations are some of my favorites because they use the high vibrational frequencies of four powerful truths: “I’m sorry,” “please forgive me,” “I love you, “I thank you.” Sometimes instead of focusing carefully on the cleansing power of the words…I just…listen.

Instead of trying eagerly to meditate “correctly” by really digging deep into what the track is saying, sometimes it’s important to just relax and allow the spoken word of truth to heal the nooks and crannies of the psyche.

Truth, I have found, is the antidote for untruth.

My new meditation series utilizes sound therapy practices coupled with some of the most beautiful truths written by humankind. I’m plumbing the depths of history for the highest vibrational writing humans have ever produced.

I’m tossing some theta waves on there for good measure.

Meditations on Truth is my new meditation series and you can listen to the first one through the YouTube link on the right!

Published by Sarah Beach

Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Sarah Beach finds that healing is both a hobby and a passion. When she's not writing books or recording meditations, you will find her reading anything she can get her hands on, taking long walks in nature, or gulping large quantities of herbal tea.

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