Why “love” is our best Reiki symbol

In my Reiki practice, I find myself drawing lots of hearts on people — I know, I know, it’s not a traditional Reiki symbol.

Even before I was certified in Reiki II (which is when you learn the symbols) I used hearts in my practice. Lest you think I’m being silly and cliche, I’ll explain.

Love is a universal healing power. It’s what ultimately binds us together. Love supports life, healing, and growth. Love created us, it nurtures us as we grow and keeps us going. It cleanses hurts and removes trouble.

In my culture, the ♡ symbol represents love — usually romantic love, but not always. While this is not universally true (and in many places it’s been highly commercialized), the powerful force of love as a healer still shines through.

Symbols have immense power, both literally and figuratively. Everything is symbolic in its own way, and symbols can help us understand, re-frame, or explain a situation.

Sometimes when I’m feeling tension or anger in a group of people, I will silently “send love” in my mind to the person who seems to be feeling the most strain, or appears to be causing the issue. I also imagine a stream of ♡ emojis flowing from my heart to theirs. I usually find that the situation de-escalates, even if only in my own perspective. By sending love out to the Universe, the Universe sends it back.

While the Reiki symbols have immense strength and power (and I in no way want to diminish that), heart symbols are an easy, quick way for everyone, at any stage of their life path, to send a little love out into the Universe. You will always get some love back.

And if in your culture the ♡ means something else or isn’t really used, try another symbol. Symbols have power.

What symbol works for you? I’d love to hear your input in the comments ♡

Published by Sarah Beach

Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Sarah Beach finds that healing is both a hobby and a passion. When she's not writing books or recording meditations, you will find her reading anything she can get her hands on, taking long walks in nature, or gulping large quantities of herbal tea.

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